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UPDATED: April 17, 2013

From time to time I will post reviews of software and other products that I have bought and used, opinions about current topics of interest in climatology, meteorology, and risk assessment, summaries of recent research, and other news. Please check it out regularly!


devil's advocacy

My Four Cs of Devil's Advocacy.


short book reviews

Here is a list of books on the topics of risk, weather, and climate which I have found interesting and recommend, with a brief description of each.


great probability thinkers

Here are some of the people I consider seminal thinkers in practical probability.


great failures to do proper risk analysis

This is my Risk Hall of Shame, events that stand as glaring examples of poor, even nonexistent, risk management practices.


If you have news or opinions, I will consider posting it here. Please e-mail it to russell.martin@rmartin.com

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